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Home Theater


An Electronics Overview of Component Video Inputs vs Composite Video Inputs

Composite and component video inputs are common on many televisions and monitors. Composite and component video inputs represent two different methods of video signal transmission that transmit color and resolution information in different ways. Selecting the correct connection method is vital for optimizing image quality and providing the correct resolution....(more)

Everything You Need to Know About Coaxial Cable and Audio Connections

A coaxial cable is one of the oldest types of connections around. This makes it a reliable way to get an audio signal from an input device to an amplifier. However, the cable's age gives it some drawbacks. These issues are addressed in newer cables that are now the standard for home theaters around the world....(more)

Forums for Roku XDS DLNA Support

The Roku XDS provides an affordable option for streaming online media to your television. It features Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and other popular apps, and it supports television channels and online services that offer high-definition video. The Roku XDS works well for podcasts, has built-in Wi-Fi and works with HD and non-HD televisions. For advice and support regarding Roku XDS DLNA, check out the following websites....(more)


Popular Network Media Players for Home Entertainment

A network media player connects your media subscriptions such as Netflix and Hulu to your TV for easy streaming. It also provides personal file storage and management capabilities. The experience of your home entertainment system enhances network media players. They provide gaming, video and music options to entertain you for hours. The network media player market contains several options. Explore the most popular devices before spending any money....(more)

Understanding Optical Connections for Audio

When it is time to set up your home theater, an optical connection is one of the options you have for audio. This connection works with both stereo setups and surround sound, but it is not necessarily the best way for you to handle your audio. Learn more about the connection before you decide whether it is right for your home theater setup....(more)

Wireless Home Theater: Features of Sony's Internet Media Player

The Sony Internet Media Player with Google TV provides exceptional media viewing capabilities. Enhance the mobility of your home theater with the wireless media player from Sony. Sony's new media player offers several features to increase your movie and TV show watching experience. Learn about the features that make the Sony Internet Media Player a great purchase....(more)


Using LED Lighting to Optimize Your Home Theater TV Experience

When creating a home theater system, the importance of lighting is often underestimated. As technology advances, there are more TV systems that include ambient LED lighting built in, but these can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are ways to provide proper lighting to your existing TV and theater system. The main advantage of properly placed lighting is a more beautiful picture. By using LED backlighting, you can reduce contrast, which in turn reduces eyestrain for a more easy viewing of the highest quality picture....(more)

Choosing a DLP High-definition Home Theater Projector

High-definition DLP projectors have made the prospect of building a home theater much more affordable for many people. Choosing a DLP projector is often an intimidating prospect for the uninitiated, more so when considering the significant cost of quality projectors. This article provides concrete tips for wading through the terminology and technology surrounding high-definition DLP projectors to find the right one for your home theater....(more)