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Home Theater


Passive Subwoofers are Separate but Equal

You've got your big screen television. You've got your movie in or your game on. You've got your popcorn, your chips and salsa, your glass of wine, or your iced green tea. You're wearing your lucky jersey. Something's missing though. As you strain your ears to hear the television, you think to yourself that what you're missing is the surround sound. You need a home theater system. That system comes with many components. There are some decisions to make. One very important decision to make is if you want your subwoofers to be active or passive. Here are some tips....(more)

Leading National Electronics Stores to Buy High-quality Subwoofers

No home theater sound system is complete without a high-quality subwoofer. Subwoofers are what give a sound system that characteristic rumble that draws you into the home theater experience. A good subwoofer immerses you in a movie's soundtrack and lets you feel explosions, crashes and other loud moments as if you are in the movie yourself. If you want to buy subwoofers that are good enough to pull you in, use one of these popular national electronics stores....(more)

An Overview of Home Theater Receivers

A home theater receiver is the "nervous system" of your home theater system. Most home theaters in a box will come with a receiver; however, if you are purchasing your home theater's components individually, you will have to search for a receiver by itself. Home theater receivers may also be called AV receivers, surround sound receivers, or home theater tuners....(more)

Features to Look for in a Micro Stereo System

A micro stereo system is the perfect option for the space-conscious music lover. Whether you want to save room in your home or want a system to take with you, a micro stereo system is a way to get great sound without the bulk of large equipment. Not all micro systems are equal, so you need to be careful when shopping for you space-saving device. Here are some key features of a good micro stereo system....(more)


Understanding Amplifier Power Ratings

Audio is sometimes a difficult thing to get right. Finding the right amplifier power level can be difficult to balance. How exactly do you know what kind of power you need? For a home theater, it really depends on the type of audio you're playing and the equipment you are running. You may want to have high quality sound that plays at the loudest setting. You may also be interested in playing your audio at different levels for different uses. Either way, you'll need a well-powered amplifier to achieve the maximum control on your audio....(more)

Is Optical Audio the Right Choice for Your Home Theater?

If you're building a home theater, you may be confused by all of the options you have. High definition audio alone is confusing by itself. There are so many options to choose from and they each have something different to offer. For clean and clear audio, is the optical audio connector or cable a good option for your home theater?...(more)

Experience the Theater at Home With Surround Sound

One of the reasons many people go to the movie theater to watch a new release is because of the experience. Watching a movie in a theater allows for low lighting, a huge high definition screen, and surround sound technology. A movie theater allows the focus to be completely on the screen so viewers engage all senses when watching a movie. The theater experience is a popular one to replicate at home, particularly the surround sound aspect....(more)


Using LED Lighting to Optimize Your Home Theater TV Experience

When creating a home theater system, the importance of lighting is often underestimated. As technology advances, there are more TV systems that include ambient LED lighting built in, but these can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are ways to provide proper lighting to your existing TV and theater system. The main advantage of properly placed lighting is a more beautiful picture. By using LED backlighting, you can reduce contrast, which in turn reduces eyestrain for a more easy viewing of the highest quality picture....(more)

Choosing a DLP High-definition Home Theater Projector

High-definition DLP projectors have made the prospect of building a home theater much more affordable for many people. Choosing a DLP projector is often an intimidating prospect for the uninitiated, more so when considering the significant cost of quality projectors. This article provides concrete tips for wading through the terminology and technology surrounding high-definition DLP projectors to find the right one for your home theater....(more)